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A person who (in the eyes of his wider social group) is either unenthusiastic or not committed for nights out or events, and therefore lowers and endangers the social atmosphere.
A: Everyone's going out tonight, its going to be mental! Are you coming?

B: Unfortunately, I've got some work in for next week. Plus, I don't really have much money at the moment...

A: Mate, Your such a kimmer.
by Mikeyb69 December 30, 2011
Someone is considered to be a 'hugger' when they bring a girl back after a night out and end up not participating is anything of a sexual nature, but instead get into bed and 'hug' all night. Although this may be considered 'sweet' by many girls, it is also a very 'Un-Laddish' act.

NOTE: This is a serious offense (Lad-Points can be deducted after several offenses)
L: Alright mate, how was last night?! Heard you left early with a girl?

H: Yeah I Did...

L: So, tell me what happened? Did you smash the gash?

H: Nah mate, we just got into bed and spooned all night.

L: Wow. Mate, you're massive Hugger.
by Mikeyb69 February 28, 2012
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