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Noun.) A dump so large that it piles up in the toilet to the point it breaks the surface of the water resembling a cat sitting on a stool. Furthermore a Stoolcat can be sub-categorized depending on its physical attributes. i.e. The Calico Stoolcat (Corn and Water Chestnuts) The Siamese Stoolcat (Grey in color) etc.
Example 1:

Shawn: "Dude, was that you that just left a stoolcat in my toilet?"

Mike: " Ha! Yeah, i know how much you love those little guys!"

Example 2:

Jake: "Oh my god I have to crap so bad i bet i'll leave a stoolcat!"
by MikeyRef February 04, 2010
Noun.) A piece of poop so small in size that it resembles that of a small rabbit turd. Cannot exceed the size of a marble.

Verb.) To Pootinki: Taking a dump, so small in size, that it looks like it was made by a rabbit or rodent rather than a Human.
Example 1:

Del: Man, I thought i had to shit, but all that came out was a little Pootinki! Hope I am not getting constipated!
by MikeyRef February 04, 2010

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