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2 definitions by MikeyMac2

noun. the word used for a girl that is too hot for her own good. Usually the female will have a penis or have the I.Q. level equal to a dead pig. Therefore, it would be wrong for any male to try to make love with her.
Dude 1: check out that broad.
Dude 2: She's hot but illegally blonde . I heard she nearly drowned herself with ice cubes.
by MikeyMac2 January 22, 2008
noun. a moistening of the pants caused by the production of sweat in the gooch area, resembling that of a pit stain.
Hot cheerleader: I agree that Ted would be majestically hot. Yet, he tends to unintentionally dampen me with his pube-stains after the football games.
Hot cheerleader 2: Oh hells yes you skanky cracker hoe.
by MikeyMac2 January 22, 2008