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a gold digger's eighteen year retirement package for services rendered. Job description includes making partner, 9 months of babysitting and a couple hours of hard labor.

Pronounced "Whore-oh-one-kay"
Jeanine thought her Whore01K was a sure thing until the baby's daddy declared bankruptcy and fled the country. Now she's left with the remnants of a bad business venture.
by Mikey Fingers December 14, 2008
Huge breasts like Dolly parton
I think you need a wheelbarrow to cart that Dolly rack around all day
by Mikey Fingers April 15, 2009
the act of standing in close proximity to a person of interest for a long period of time, eavesdropping with the hopes of jumping into the conversation. Feelings of intimidation, anxiety, and inadequacy usually prevent the person from succeeding, they just end up making a fool out of themselves. This would happen at social events (bars, parties, seminars, business conventions). Intentions can be sexual or job related (networking).

Matt has been stalking to that girl for an hour! why doesn't he just step into the group and ask her out so she can shoot him down!

Tom will never get that position at Leiman Bros if doesn't stop stalking to their CEO. That is bad from; he is completely out of his league!
by Mikey Fingers December 13, 2008

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