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2 definitions by Mikel_Loki

a covering usually tarpaulin used to cover unsightly turf or garden area, also place to release rouge spiders.
1. We have this lovely espadaloose cover in the back yard it stops the grass growing.
2. We need a place to sit isn't that espadaloose comfortable.
by Mikel_Loki August 16, 2007
pronounced row-taj - used to describe a person of unsightly origin, unsutibly dressed for the venue, have poor social skills, something that just crawled out of the gutter, otherwise termed gutter trash or road trash.
Is a combination of both road and trash with a districtive feel.
1. Oh my god look at that roetaj, she looks likes shes been hit by a bus.
2. Listen to that roetaj do they think that they are the only person in the room.
3. does that roetaj know what a fork is, eating with their hands.
by Mikel_Loki August 16, 2007