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It can have any difinition you want it yo and can be used at any random time to make urself look like a dumbass n confuse others.
1. Skittles took it hard in the cacklesmack last night bro.

2. He was sooo wasted last night i think he cacklesmacked his lil sis cindy.
by Mikeee420 July 20, 2006
A kind of sword used to stabbbing or thrusting now cutting.
I first produced my pistol, and then prodeced my rapier. ( whiskey in the jar) by metallica.

im gon stab ur ass with my rapier, bitch!
by Mikeee420 July 28, 2006
A shitty ass cheap menthol cigerette for ppl that are too cheap to buy marlboros.
Skittles choked on his pall mall at the bus stop and had a seazure and rolled into the road n got creamed by his own bus.
by Mikeee420 July 24, 2006

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