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The toughest neighborhood in Virginia.Populated by absolute badass mofos.Located just off of HWY 58 in the asshole of Courtland. Courtland is an hour between Norfolk and Richmond in the 757.
Guy 1:I'm from the 804 where we ride our bikes around all day drinkin PBRs and smackin hos, where are you from?

Guy 2: I'm from Shands where we ride dirty in our paddle boats smackin fools with wiffle ball bats

Guy 1: Mother of god..
by MikeBrownsnumber1fan November 25, 2006
A good thing to blame stuff on. Just like the Sasquatch.
Jim:Who the hell took a shit in the sink again

Dale:Its those goddamn eggbabies!
by MikeBrownsNumber1fan December 20, 2006
Probably the best insult in the world aside from Crotch Pheasant.
Dale: " You are a fag "

Jimmy: " Shut the hell up you Cocklizard "
by MikeBrownsNumber1fan December 21, 2006

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