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a life learned lesson
i was tring to nail these sisters once, when they found out i got none, i had to charge that one to the game.
by mike lea February 10, 2005
After taking a poop the average human, chooses to wipe the anus to remove any left over excrement. When in the wiping process if on discovers that fecal matter is left on a finger, he/she has been mud knuckled.
i had some taco bell yesturday, ive been crapping all day, sloppy ones too, i even got mud knuckle it was so bad.
by mike lea January 19, 2005
Stank nob occurs when after a long night of banging your girlfriend or girlfriends friend then not having time to stop home and wash the wang. Odors that are emmited from the penile vessel are considered to be stank.
i was following this guy up a ladder and man he had some foul smells going on, talk about stank nob.
by mike lea February 09, 2005
when a fart is not cooperative and force must be applied for methane removal, excrement that leaks from the anus is in fact change.
i was running up the stairs and i had a fart with change that ruined my day.
by mike lea January 12, 2005
a girl that knowingly and willingly omits penis' in to her mouth, for small denominations of us currency.
this girl will suck your dick for the silver in your pocket.
by mike lea February 19, 2005
a girl who sucks lots of penis, and likes it better when more then one penis is inserted at a time. her sperm intake is much higher the others recomend.
i know this cum dumpster girl who has had more dick in her then froot of the loom, i mean she seen more ass then my toilet seat, i live in an alley, bitches
by mike lea February 17, 2005
when attmepting to have intercorse with a girl and the condom she has is to big
i went to bang the broad and she handed me a magnum condum, man it was a loose rap
by Mike lea January 16, 2005

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