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Let Me Get Mine. People need to experience a daily quantity of stupidity; when some one acts stupid you cat get your dose by saying "lmgm" and rubbing their forehead from front to back with your palm.
"Dude, carrot top is definitely making a comeback" "You fucking tool, LMGM."
by Mike W. August 07, 2004
a master of the kamanchee
FUck kamancheemaster, fuck that NIGGA!!
by Mike W. January 21, 2003
your mothers vagina
yer moms box was all plugged up with cobwebs last night dude, I had to surf the hershey highway wit da bitch.
by Mike W. January 21, 2003
the state of being under the influence of marijuana
After that blunt my LL level was high
by Mike W. March 30, 2005
the event of sharing skin with hopefully the opposite sex.
"me and this bitch was giving skins last night,"
by Mike W. January 21, 2003
Opie and Anthony - Well rated, edgy radio talk show hosts that were tossed around various FM stations and achieved various levels of syndication before switching to XM satelite radio to avoid FCC restrictions. They popularized the WOW (Whip 'em Out Wednesdays) promotion.
OnA rule! They totally beat out Howard Stern.
by Mike W. August 07, 2004
A non-existant size of soft drink invented by comedian brian regan. Fun to demand of fast food restaraunt employees
"I'll get the extra medium" "(employee to boss, in whispers) I see medium, but I don't know how to extra it!"
by Mike W. August 07, 2004

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