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A girl who wears, or is likely to wear, cute vests. I'm not talking about shitty puffy vests, I'm talking about silk vests over t-shirts and nice sweater vests. These girls are often lesbians, but they're cute lesbians, and their vestyness makes them even more desirable to men. However, if you do meet a true straight vesty girl, you must treat her nicely, and with respect, or she will tell you to fuck off. Take her out to dinner, open the door for her, you know. A vesty is tough to get because the straight ones are all taken, and persistence and class are key. Good luck.
Mike: God damn, that girl is vesty as hell.
Gabby: I think she's a lesbian.
Mike: Not this one, Gabby. Not this one.
Gabby: Good thing she's not brown too. You'd have to be restrained.
by Mike Rougeau April 13, 2008

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