7 definitions by Mike Lowe

A plastic grocery bag that has been caught up in the wind and seems to float away. Also "Chinese ghetto balloon" are the pink variety.
by Mike Lowe July 11, 2003
An exclusive relationship with your porno collection.
Me, single? Well, I am in a pornogamous relationship with Chasey Lane right now.
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
(1) n Lesbian+Labia, a lesbian vagina. (2) n A dike (out lesbian) or group of dikes. ie labians
Check out the grey mullet on that labian. Do you think the cuffs match the collar?
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
Plain and simply... Fuckin' Cunt!
Interchangable with Cunt, more offensive, yet less impactful.
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
The first poo of the morning, or after being constipated. Looks like hard little rabbit turns.
I sat on the toilet for a half an hour and all that came out was a brown pearl.
by Mike Lowe July 11, 2003
Variation of Yuppie...Dual-Income-No-Kids-Yuppie.
Look at those damn Dinkies in thier his and hers Mercedes.
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
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