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A Virgin 6er is someone who has gone without sex for 6 months, there body has not been subject to any peno for 178 days therefore a virgin title must be placed on them as a reminder of their torment
oh eye mate todays the day 178! you are officially a virgin 6er, how do you feel?
#virgin #month #178 #sex #shagging #kev
by Mike Hilton November 20, 2007
The juice from a minge,
"Oh my god drink my minge juice"
"my pants are so wet, i think its all the minge juice"
#juice from a minge #fucking soaking #wet pants #wetness #quem
by Mike Hilton September 26, 2005
A cock shadow is simply a shadow made from your cock, this can be achieved by being in a certain type of light and at a certain angle.
only trained people can achive this after years of hard practice.
Hey look.....johns cock shadow looks as if its on billys head.
#cock #pennis #willy #hard-on #maudsley #falis
by Mike Hilton June 26, 2007
A pennis with no bell end
David Hodkinson (bodger)
by Mike Hilton January 20, 2005
A member of the homeless comunity who masterbates on street corners for, 'a living'
Hey...look at that wank tramp, give him some money.
#wank #tramp #hobo #masterbate #maudsley
by Mike Hilton June 26, 2007
Big Tens is a similar action to high fiving only twive at the same time! (2 Hands/10 Fingers) this is therefore twice the enjoyment in the same amount of time, the less sexual 3 some if you will.
Kev: Just lost my virginity High Five
Dave: This is too good for high fives, Big tens mate!

Also look on the big tens group on facebook (called 'BIG TENS')
#high five #big #tens #celebration #cool #loving it
by Mike Hilton November 20, 2007
At McDonalds, you repeatedly add more and more sachets of salt on to your mates Mac when you have conveniently asked them to go and get you another tomato sauce. Hide/drink their drink and wait till they take a bite!
Aye up hes on his way back, cant wait till he takes a bite of his salt mac, i hope he dehydrates.
#big mac #mac do's #salt #mac #mcdonalds
by Mike Hilton November 20, 2007
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