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Slang for being left out, condescended to, or otherwise being screwed out of what's rightfully yours. The "High Hat" can be either given or recieved.

Note: Checkk out the film "Millers Crossing" for colorful usage of the term.
MARK: Hey Nick, I'm going over my Uncles tonight for a birthday party so I can't hang tonight. I'll call you tomorrow.

NICK: That's awfully strange-I heard from Adrian that yer' going to see the White Stripes. You givin' me the "high hat" fucker?!
by Mike Falcigno April 22, 2004
Excessive or uncontrollable fear of humans who wear overpriced Von Dutch clothing, mesh backed trucker hats,have matted down hair product induced "bed heads" and wear threadbare vintage rock shirts of bands they don't really enjoy listening to.
Erin had to flee the record shop quickly when the guy in line wearing a Blondie shirt and mesh Von Dutch hat started talking about how "deck" his new portable record player sounded. Erin suffers from accute "Hipsteria."
by Mike Falcigno April 18, 2004
Shortened slang for two American favorites: Hotdogs and Hamburgers. I first heard this term from my younger brother (though I am sure it existed beforehand)and it cracked me up. It proves useful as a drunken exclaimation or for when extreme oral laziness takes over.
Mark: C'mon dude we gotta get beer and fire up the grill!

Julie: What are we eating?

Mark: Hots 'N Hams

Julie: You mean hotdogs and ha-

Mark: HOTS 'N HAMS!! That's what I said woman! HOTS 'N HAMS! and BEER!
by Mike Falcigno April 24, 2005
Used to describe a motion picture with a suitably healthy dose of humor and gore. Derived from splatter (for blood) and slapstick (for comedy.
If you witness a flick were an arm gets cut off and gives the finger afterwards, or a priest kung fu kicks the heads off a bunch of zombies (as in Dead Alive-) those are prime instances of splatstick at its finest.
by Mike Falcigno October 18, 2003

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