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"I told you I was hardcore" was one of the last things an irc user by the name of Ripper said before he overdosed. He was webcamming this whole event, including the injestion of multiple drugs, and the foaming at the mouth that sealed the deal. Ripper should never be forgotten. Not for the person that he was, but for the person he wanted to be, and failed to be. There is a great moral in what Ripper did infront of an irc channel that the majority of the people did not give two shits about him while the entire event, right in front of their eyes, unvaled.
ripper: I told you I was hardcore
grphish: ripper: we knew that already
ripper: fuck u
ripper: pusys
ripper: u are so fucking stupid
(dies shortly later)
by Mike Chase September 16, 2005
1. The sexual act of not getting any at all.
"I did her confederate style" (meaning "i did not get with her")
by Mike Chase October 07, 2003

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