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3 definitions by Mike Castaneda

Ferminted Soy Beans. I actually found some great definitions on the web, "It also smelled kinda like baked beans. If they were baked in the filthy heat of Satan's asshole."

*Mark after eating Natto*

Mark: The entire experience is difficult to describe, but if you can remember back to the very first time you made out with a hobo's ass, it's a lot like that.
by Mike Castaneda January 09, 2006
The SOB who comes in while your working/sleeping/eating to make you want to crap yourself. It is possible to fight off diahrrea monster, but it isnt as easy to fight off as the sleep monster.
I was in the middle of a dream when the diahrrea monster snuck in and made me crap out my insides.
by Mike Castaneda October 06, 2005
Previously known as the "chip clip", no one knows why it is called the "chip clip" because obviously everyone just puts in on their wang. Thus now it is known as the "Wang Clip" or "Wang Hanger"
Steve: Hey! Is that a "Chip Clip" on your ding dong?

Todd: "Chip Clip"? WTF Mate?

Steve: Yeah, those clips hold your bag of chips closed so they dont get stale.

Todd: No dude this is a Wang Hanger, thats what everyone uses em for anyways.
by Mike Castaneda January 09, 2006