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biggest pussies in florida. swear they are hard shit. cant get pussy to save their life. suck dick at sports. think that "the key" is rowdy. soft doctors boys. think they live in the ghetto when they live in 1 million dollar houses. drive mercedez and bmw's that their rich parents gave them. cant fight without back up. get fucked up everytime they fight unless its 5 to 1. swear that can ball up in basketball but suck a dick. key rat football is the sorriest team in the world. their made up words and slang is gay and sorry. should never leave the key. swear they are thugs. dkb is the softes gang alive. they all should jump off the fucking key biscane bridge and die.
DKB sucks dick. dkb, wow. key rats can suck a dick and fucking die
by Mike Awk October 17, 2007

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