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The White Stuff is in the middle of an Oreo, baby!
"In the middle of an Oreo, the White Stuff!" - Weird al Yankovic
by Mike Clemson October 15, 2006
An Ultra cool group consisting of Joey Joe Joe, Sebby, Roth, Harry and Mike that take safa park by storm every thursday for football. They like competition but will never get beaten because of Joe's uncanny resemblence to Gordan Banks in goal, Ross' Awkwardness compares him to Peter Crouch and Hareth's Blistering pace and stamina to that of Ronaldinho. Watch out Dubai, because the safa park Warriors are coming to get you. COPYRIGHTED
Oh No! The Safa Park Warriors are here!!
by Mike Clemson October 15, 2006
1: A guy who enjoys going for drinks with "The boys" but only gets as far as the two pints before vomiting on himself and falling over steps.

2: A Legend
1: Man that guy couldn't outdrink J2P!

2: Man, i want to be J2P!
by Mike Clemson October 15, 2006
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