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1.To decline sexual (may be homosexual or nonhomosexual) references that were meant to be taken in a nonsexual context.

Originally referred to only things that could possibly be taken in a homosexual context. It has now evolved to anything sexual.
Ex 1 (homosexual reference)
Person #1: Man, can you believe that Dick Cheney did that?
Person #2: Hey say what you want, but I love Dick!
Person #1: PAUSE! You wanna try again?
Person #2: My bad homie...NO HOMO! No homo extreme.

Ex 2 (nonhomosexual reference)
Person #1: So what happened last night?
Person #2: Oh she came (no homo) and we were up all night.
Person #1: What! All night?
Person #2: Oh..it wasn't like that! No homo...we were just studying.
by MikaB October 18, 2007

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