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Previously www.go-gaia.com, the GaiaOnline forum is a comunity where people get to interact with others of their intrests/people from other countries.


If you don't like spam, stay out of the Chatterbox and find a specific category. Gaia is more than that. You can find serious heated topics in the Extended Discussion. But there's more, you just have to scroll down. ^^ Like the Games subforum or the Arts subforum, or anything else.

Some people take it seriously, some people treat it as an Anime Myspace. Those people are the people that spam alot and can't get enough gold (gaian currency).
"I n00b to gaiaonline plz giv goldz i n33d!!1!1"
"Go suck the Chatterbox."

"How many fish have you caught today on Gaia?"

"I caught three. :3"
"I caught 10. pwnz"
"I caught twenty buckets. A good load if I do say so myself."
"O____o OMG ur awesome."
by Mika.Pika June 22, 2006

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