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to ask someone else for a cigarette for free.
Hey man can I bum a cig, I ran out.
by Mighty Arrow June 28, 2010
What most girls with untrustworthly boyfriends want them to become. A boyfriend that you can see no matter what day of the week or what time it is.
James would only see me on the weekends but now he's a 24/7 boyfriend and we see each other all the time.
by Mighty Arrow April 16, 2010
Someone who doesn't own any form of transportation and has to call people for rides because they are too lazy to walk.
Tom: Mark is such a ride hobo
John: I know, he really needs to get a car or something
by Mighty Arrow April 16, 2010
A girl that you only hang out with during the week because the weekends are too busy with parties.
Ya bro I totally hooked up with that chick last night because my girl is only a mid-week girlfriend
by Mighty Arrow April 16, 2010
An area of road where you want to faster then the posted speed limit. Cops typically patrol these areas and when you do follow the speed limit you are most likely going to get tail gated.
I got a ticket in that speed trap because I was going 40 even though the speed limit is 25.
by Mighty Arrow July 04, 2010
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