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Florida Children Are Tortured

All year long Floridian students are taught what they will see on the FCAT. The schools are graded by the average score a school gets on the FCAT. FCAT really means, Florida Comprehensive Assesment Test. Instead of caring so much about the FCAT we should be thinking about more standardized tests (as in a standard to the nation, not Florida) such as the SAT and ACT. And that is a FACT.
Bob:FCAT is tomorrow.
Dylan: I hate the FCAT, it's so lame. There is too much pressure put into it.
by MightY(ConFed) March 11, 2008
When two people punch each other in the torso. From the neck down to the waistline. The point is to pretend fight your friends instead of literally getting hit in the face and get your ass hurt.
Bob: Dude, me and Tyler were body boxing like 5 rounds last night.
Dylan: Wow, dude you must be sore.
by MightY(ConFed) January 30, 2008
A name of a "Reality" show thats being hosted by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Where 15 girls get the chance to perform or do something with the Pussy Cat Dolls. But only 1 really does get to, I think.
I think the name is rather ridiculous my self.

(NOTE) This definition made before the Pilot episode aired.
Bob: "Did you see the commmercial for that Girlilicious show?"
Dylan: "Yeah, Looks rather ridiculous!"
by MightY(ConFed) February 01, 2008

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