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A university north of Dallas in Denton. It is one of the best music colleges in the country. It is best known for its jazz program (the first in the country) and is considered one of the best. It has also increased spending for the science departments which are considered fairly good. Though they have a high acceptance rate, the musicians accepted into the performance program are at the level of a conservatory.

It is currently working on attaining the tier one status, and is one of the front runners in the state of Texas, including UTD and UTA. It is currently ranked very high on the list of Texas colleges and universities.

Due to the age of the campus, it has many older buildings in the presence of newer buildings creating a disjointed look to the campus. However, the most recent additions to the campus are aesthetically pleasing (such as Honors Hall and the Murchson Performing Arts Center. as well as some of the older ones. Many parts require renovation.

The football team is also one of the worst in its division. Despite this, they have received funding for a new football stadium. In contrast, the basketball team is fairly good.
My friend just got into university of north texas for music. He must be good since this college is a juggernaut for music.

I go to Colburn but i know how good that school is.
by Might-o-con-...dria June 21, 2010

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