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One who thinks their shit don't stink, but whose farts give them away.
Miss Thang is such a snob. She tries to make everyone think she's all rich and shit.

Yeah. She think her shit dont stink, but her farts give her away. She's such a wannabe.
by MidwesternMamaH September 13, 2010
Any variation on the name Holly. Those using it intend it to be cute, but any Holly can tell you, we've heard them all.. and they aren't cute. Especially used during the holidays.
Happy Hollydays, Holly berry, Holly Hock, Holly Hobbie, Holley Carburetor, My Buddy Holley ( used mostly when drunk and trying to show affection ) Holly Jolly Christmas, Holly Wood - but not with you. Hollyisms.
by MidwesternMamaH December 15, 2010
Constant whining or negative comments, statements and attitude. Regardless of how great something is this person will always find a way to crap negative all over it. Being around them or reading their comments for too long makes you want to kick kittens. You find them especially on Facebook or other forms of social networking.
(as might be posted on social media sites)

"I should be happy that I just won the mega lotto, but I have to pay a butt load of taxes on the money and will probably die before I can spend it. FML.. sorry to be crapping negative.. I just hate my life."
by MidwesternMamaH December 28, 2010
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