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The best new group out there. Very talented guys who have big dreams to make it big which they are already achieving. They are no one hot wonders they will be around for years to come.Have their own unique style in clothes and their music.Boylove is also associated with this band while performing.Their starting point was Las Vagas and their finishing point is still out of reach, as they will be around for a very long time to come.
1. 'The killers' are aswome
2.Dave and Brandon share 'Boylove' on stage.
3.A very talented group
4.Unique in everyway
5.Not afraid to dream big
6.Heading for the top
7.A hot 4 piece
8.Loyal to their fans
9.Changing music
10.They are not literally killers.
by Midnight-Jenny March 13, 2005

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