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An unstoppable black man running at full speed. Mostly used to describe American football players or black men running from the police.
Out of the way, here comes the niggertrain!

After I break into Footlocker, I'ma niggertrain my way out as soon as I get me some Jordans.
by Midimoto July 10, 2010
A surprisingly common phenomenon that occurs when a person attempts to close a door with an IronGym attached to the door frame. The subject is astonished to see the door bounce back open and is subsequently humiliated by his friends.
Se7en went into the bathroom and began to close the door, when it suddenly bounced back open, knocking him into the toilet.
"Yeeaaahhh!" Mikl screamed, "You forgot the IronGym hanging in the doorway, faggot, what an iron fail!"
"Shut up. Let's get freaky now," crooned Se7en, fondling his splendid genitalia.
by Midimoto August 13, 2010

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