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This is a noun coming from the verb 'smoink'. When a group of indivisuals are experimenting with Marijuana, and one of them takes an extra turn, an extra hit, or one super-long hit, that qualifies him as a smoinker.
" Devin, just pass it. Quit being a smoinker. "
by Mictron Version1.26 October 09, 2004
Gershneeph is a phrase to express emotion. The tone you say it in dictates its meaning.
If you say it in an angry tone, it could be the equivalent of " shit! " or " fuck! ". If something joyous happens to you, and you say " Gershneeph! ", it could be compared to " hoorah!" or " Wahoo! "
by Mictron Version1.26 October 09, 2004

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