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3 definitions by MicrosoftMurder

an errection of the male penis, typically in the morning hours, caused by unknown resources.
I woke up today with morning wood!!
by MicrosoftMurdeR December 05, 2004
355 229
A way to be excited, like n00bs R
w00t! i r ub3r 1337! (woot, i'm uberly elite)
by MicrosoftMurder October 14, 2003
10 6
A chat client, also known as Yahoo Messenger that's used by many people, in all different countries around the world. Back to the definition, a "YaWhore" is an annoying person, typically female, whom has online boyfriends and cheats on them with each other.
You're a YaWhore, just face it dude!
by MicrosoftMurdeR December 05, 2004
9 6