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1) to take advantage of, especially to over-consume one's share of something that is available to only a small group of people

2) to rightfully obtain that which does not belong to you

3) to destroy in a drunken stupor or rage; to fuck shit up

4) to get work done in an efficient and timely manner

5) taking one's penis and consensually plummeting it into the female genitalia violently
1) Don't nigger the shit out of all the free pizza you bastardfuck.

2) Let's nigger the shit out of their grill, but Jordan has to push it down the road so we're not on the camera niggering it out of their lot.

3) I proceded to nigger the shit out of Mickey's yard and mailbox last night. Chip and Jeff are next.

4) Hurry up Ed! Let's nigger the shit out of house cleaning just in time for the 'hos to come over tonight.

5) I proceded to nigger the shit out of Abby in the back of her daddy's new car, and she liked it!
by MickeyDale July 22, 2009

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