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26 definitions by Mickey Brown

When the area around the vagina is red or pink, which can be caused by many things such as shaving, masterbation, application of succulant, or acne.
Mickey, "Maria sure has been in the bathroom a while."

Sam, "She's probably giving herself a ring around the rosie."
by mickey brown March 12, 2007
10 12
sealed with a kick. stupid hallmark thing.
swak! swak! hes wrote swak! yay!
by mickey brown March 05, 2007
17 42
t-shirts that are not funny at all. only an idiot would buy one, but they bring in revenue for urban dictionary, so we put up with it.
some busted tees:
pizza are the best.
irish: i are drunk.

by mickey brown March 05, 2007
82 126
n) see pussy, vagina, muff, beef, clam,poonta, ect...
"I did it all for the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your ass."
by mickey brown March 05, 2007
52 114
Somebody who couldnt become a doctor.
"did you ever become a doctor?"

"no im a dentist."
by mickey brown February 21, 2007
36 106