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3 definitions by Mick Smiley

A level of lameness equal to that of Dr. Speed.
Over time, Copeli's opinions reached Speedian levels.
by Mick Smiley October 23, 2004
1. Easily forgettable.

2. Lacking such character or interest that said person is easily forgettable.
The kid came to realise that despite his constant presence, he was still sagalicious to the other posters.
by Mick Smiley October 23, 2004
One who seems to go out of their way to be an extreme douchebag and doesn't realize it.
Dressed in his Dickies cap and Wal-Mart faux camo pants, Piechocinski was a serious Douchesaurus Rex.
by Mick Smiley October 22, 2004