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(Verb) To pass someone interested in you along to a friend, like one might pass a friend a football -- or a jellybean. Unlike jellybeans, however, people have feelings all their own, so a successful jellybeaning is rare and requires great skill and concentration.
Note: Some people are more desirable than others, just like some jellybeans are more desirable than others, so a successful jellybeaning can be a truly charitable act(if passing along a popcorn jellybean of this world) or a less-than-charitable act (if passing along a nasty, black jellybean of this world).
Dawg, this girl is a dime, but I have a baby mamma all my own. Let's jellybean her to my bro.


Dawg, this girl has a face that makes me long for Stevie Wonder's eyesight, but my friend is drunk and desperate and has no game. I'll jellybean her to him -- it will be a win-win situation.
by MichiganDaniel July 10, 2008

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