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When you wake up with a hangover, but then do it all over again (see hair of the dog that bit you). The resulting catastrophe the NEXT day is the ever-dreaded re-hangover.
EXAMPLE 1- After two nights of drinking, Lynda's re-hangover was so bad that she actually considered alcoholism as an alternative to sobering up.
EXAMPLE 2- Dude #1: "I can't believe you went to your company Christmas party last night. Not after all the drinking we did the night before, man"
Dude #2: "I was so re-hungover this morning, I could barely hold my dick to take a leak."
by Michelle & Kelly December 03, 2008
The act of farting during sexual intercourse...to float an air biscuit while fucking.
Last night she was totally farking me...guess we shouldn't have had mexican.
by Michelle & Kelly February 20, 2008

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