196 definitions by Michelle

A camel toe for men.
Aww hellz no. That hottie o`er there gotta bull-knuckle.
by MICHELLE April 07, 2005
Only the most fucking awesome color ever.
That girl had a kick ass schirding dress!
by Michelle February 12, 2005
also referred to as hickeys.
Damnmy boo gave me some serious hata marks
by Michelle October 30, 2004
The ultimate combination of wonderful and great. Used to express a sensation of euphoric bliss and happiness.
"How's the chocolate cake tasting?"
by Michelle December 07, 2003
'Elitist: Slang commonly used by entry lvl music plebs and posers for a person or group of people who the certain individual envys on a high level and secretly seeks friendship and approval from, however in return recieves nothing but heartache from the unaware object of their obsession.
'pleb1: I saw the elitists at the gig and they just ignored me :(
'pleb2: Why are they so up themselves? :(
'pleb1: I dont know but i wish they'd accept my friend request...
'pleb2: Lets go bitch about them online!


'unaware 'elitist'1: Why are those people over there staring at us...?
'unaware 'elitist'2: I dont know, ive never met them before..
by micHELLe October 16, 2014
Comfortable, slouching possition.
Feeling chilled out and happy with you surroundings.
"knees up on a lrg. arm chair drinking hot choc."
by michelle February 01, 2005
an uncercumcized erection
Wow! You deffinitely have a hard floppy don't ya?
by michelle June 10, 2004

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