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A man who is in touch with his feminine side - although not gay and is straight. Has a passion for "what would be usually considered women" products. Takes care of his body, his dress, and appearance. Loves his "urban" lifestyle.
May even carry a "Man Bag"
A guy who is a Metrosexual may be into the following things: Moisturizing; face peels; concealers; antiwrinkle cream; lip moisturizers; powder/foundation - to even out skin tones; clear/tinted eyebrow gel; clear mascara - to keep lashes in place; may use a light color eyebrow pencil - to make then more pronounced and stand out; may wear light brown (natural shades of eyeshadow); waxes/plucks eyebrows; highlights/perms his hair; uses shine products in his hair; may have earrings in both ears; shaves: arms, legs, bikini, area toes underarms, may polish or buff his nails - or wear clear black grey blue or copper colors, thumb rings, ankle bracelets, toerings, has a love for lotions and body sprays (Bath & Body works), may have his nipples pierced, has different sunglasses to match his outfits, has a passion for slide sandals in multiple colors - so he can show his pedicure off, has belts to match his shoes. Has a different cologne for every day of the week. Has a major love for shoes, loves to shop, understands why a woman has 20 pairs of black shoes.
by Michala December 05, 2003

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