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truelly cool type of music. People get carried away with thinking it was the death of metal ect. what it truelly is is some pretty kickass music, some great songs came from grunge artists. I would describe the sound as simply hard rock that goes up and sniffs the line of heavy metal. people say it stems from punk, and im just not seeing any reasons why... but why downplay their opinions? all you need to know is grunge is good. Like music for how it sounds, not what you think it did or didnt do for your scene. An era of truelly original music.
ALICE IN CHAINS-, awesome hard rockin mothas

SOUNDGARDEN, awesome hard rockin mothas

PEARL JAM- good ass band

NIRVANA- people need to stop downplaying nirvana, their not my favorite, but if you claim youve never tapped your foot when smells like teen spirit came on the radio your a downright liar

STP- is fuckin amazing nigs

IRON MAIDEN- for sure not grunge.... however IS the best band in the world.... UP THE FUCKING IRONS! HEAVY METAL LIVES
by Michaelsjackson8 July 10, 2006

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