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A sign used in instant messaging to display emotions of confusion, lack of caring, unsuredness, or ignorance, much like a shrug.
Person 1: "Where did you go?"
Person 2: "\O.o/"
by Michael von Preußen April 23, 2009
An icon depicting a beer can.
Person 1: Hey, you going to the kegger tonight?
Person 2: You know it! (B)
by Michael von Preußen August 15, 2009
"erk" is the phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation "IRC", which stands for Internet Relay Chat. It can also be used as a verb, meaning to chat over IRC.
John: Wanna chat on erk?
Sally: Sure!

John: Wanna erk?
Sally: mmk.
by Michael von Preußen October 20, 2011

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