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Raiden is a character from Metal Gear Solid 2. Most players dislike him for idiotic comedy or his 'gayness'
Campbell- "Login at every node"
Raiden- "Did you say nerd?"
by Michael Williams March 21, 2005
Tim Shaw is a radio DJ. He has worked on many radio stations, including BRMB, and has been sacked from every job he has ever had. He has recieved the largest fine for radio misconduct and is rated the 3rd most shocking DJ in the world.

His current show is called Tim Shaws Asylum and is on Kerrang 105.2

The current times are Sunday to Thursday.
Sunday 22:00-2:00
Monday till Thursday 22:00-1:00

A lot of the features are interviews, prank calls and general funny stuff.
One of Tims ater egos 'Old Boot' phones up people and pretends to be an old woman. Lines include "ive lost my pussy"
by Michael Williams March 21, 2005
Nobholder is the name given to 'Greg' on Tim shaw's Asylum.

He produces guests and reads out texts.
Nobholder is the booker for the guests
by Michael Williams March 21, 2005
A presenter on Tim shaw's asylum
Reads out the texts and helps on pranks
by Michael Williams March 21, 2005
A wankstation is a person who can generally be found hanging around city halls street cornors late at nite. In exchange for money you can shoot the load flat out.
Look at that wankstation there, I wouldnt mind abit of that
by Michael Williams November 18, 2004
A presenter on Tim shaw's asylum, providing 'light relief'
Helps on pranks and text messages
by Michael Williams March 21, 2005

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