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The act of sticking the rim of a glass bottle into one's rectal cavity proceeded by defecating into it. After the turd has come out of the butt, the user must now turn upside down so the turd that was recently inside them, is now back where it belongs.
I went to a party where I had to do a "Magic Jeffrey". Suffice to say, I didn't shit for five days.
#michael #veerman #magic #jeffrey #poop
by Michael Veerman June 05, 2011
After two men take shits without wiping, they stand back to back while naked. A third person lays underneath them with his mouth underneath their butts. Someone poors hot chunky chicken noodle soup down the two mens backs. After the soup flows through their backs and between their dirty gooches, the man underneath will drink/eat the chicken noodle soup.
I was really hungry so me and my friends had some Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup
#chunky #chicken #noodle #soup #steamy #tom
by Michael Veerman June 05, 2011
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