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A disease that prevents you from being normal. With asperger's you can't socialize correctly. I hate to be touched. I never even had a date. I was beat up by jocks and popular people at school, they called me ass pie and other mean names.

I always wish I was normal. I was deemed by teachers to have a " low iq " but the truth was i was an asperger's case. I am now 36 and high functioning. I live with mom and do simple chores around the house. I still haven't established my own life and ive never had a normal or real relationship of any kind, whether friendship wise or love interests.

I still harbor a bitter resentment towards all the jocks and pretty girls who picked on me and called me " the asspie loser."

If you know an aspie's please don't make fun of us, we are special.
I am an asperger's.
by Michael Todd Rehmeyer... October 30, 2008

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