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4 definitions by Michael Saeed

to ingratiate one's self

a posh way of saying ur sucking up to someone

Anthony ingraciated himself in esther
by Michael Saeed May 23, 2007
8 4
basically soomething u havent yet done
u been pwned b4?
nah, that experienced for me is unlived
by Michael Saeed May 23, 2007
2 0
1)the battle cry before revenge
2)the thinking before the rebellion/revolt
have we prevolted yet??
ok let's:
ummm ur a retard


wats the prevolt?
basically we flank them to the left , sending the infantry through the middle,... etc
by Michael Saeed May 23, 2007
1 1
1)the best band in the world one day to pwn all others... u just wait Mwhahahahaah
2)total annihalation of something else

N.B. not to be mistaken for oblivion :@
hey dude did u see that, it was oblivia
by Michael Saeed May 23, 2007
1 12