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The moral and mononic equivalent of the KKK.
I must point out to you all that the definition I gave is self explanatory.
by Michael Moore August 24, 2003
Being a completly New butt rocker on Halo 2
Man you just got owned like a Fahringer!
by Michael Moore March 29, 2005
Used as a disparaging term for a white female. Usually used for the white female who is in aliance with filty the Cracker male.
All these damn Cracketts on my dick I don't know what to do. Maybe they should back up off a brotha!
by Michael Moore July 17, 2003
A country made up of at least some extremists, but what country isn't? Nice people, from the few I've met.
1. The radical Pakistanis murdered Danny Pearl deserve to die.
2. Is Kemal coming to the party tonight?
by Michael Moore June 16, 2003

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