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The main character from the Xbox and PC game Halo. As a boy, named John, he was captured along with several other children by an organizations who's goal is to train kids to be super soldiers by their late teens. John, along with 20 some other "Spartans" passed the training and have fought some of the most amazing battles known to man.
The Master Chief walked into the bar and sat down. Then he pulled out a deagle and shot everyone in the head.
by Michael Mahoney April 15, 2004
When a womans clitoris exceeds the normal length of a "large" clitoris, usually measuring 4 or more inches, having unusual girth sideways
There was this fat russian with a Really big clit!
by Michael Mahoney April 15, 2004
A princess featured on games from the Super Mario franchise. She sports blonde hair and a pink dress, usually voiced by Jen Taylor.
We need to save princess peach before it's too late! -Mario
by Michael Mahoney April 15, 2004

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