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A great game for ps2, fucking PWNS Halo, go buy it if you have a ps2.
Dont get me wrong, Halo is a good game, but I just find it too kiddy like for my tastes, Killzone is much better, it shows what war should be like: gritty, dark and urban, not fighting in forests with flowers and shit all over the place.
by Michael Barbara March 27, 2005
The greatest Limp Bizkit song ever.
Go listen to it. now.
by Michael Barbara April 04, 2005
A great rap metal band who formed in the mid nineties with 5 members. They released their first album "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all" in 1997, which is probably their most raw sounding album. They then released their second album in 1999 called "Significant Other" which in my opinion is their best album to date. A year later they released "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog flavored water" that included the chart topping single "Rollin". Their latest album "Results may vary" is probably their worst album, but in my eyes it still kicks ass.

For everyone, you either love Limp Bizkit or hate them. For the people who hate Limp Bizkit, it's probably because:

A: You are a metal fan and think they aren't "good enough" or "heavy enough" for you to listen to.


B: You are a metal fan that thinks rap and metal shouldnt mix.

To those people who are the A's or B's, I say this: Limp Bizkit does not care what you think of them and their fans, do not care what you think of them, so if you don't like them, then shut the fuck up and don't listen to them. If you don't think that they are a talented band, then you must be smoking something. Wes Borland is probably one of the best modern guitarists out there, so eat shit, hater.

Limp Bizkit consists of:

Vocals- Fred Durst
Guitar- Wes Borland
Bass- Sam Rivers
Drums- John Otto
Turntables- DJ Lethal (real name is Leor Dimant)
I cant wait for the new LB album to come out, ever since I found out Wes came back, I have been so excited! xD
by Michael Barbara March 08, 2005

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