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Chavtimization- to take a car and customize it in such a a pikey way to make the rest of us laugh our heads off.
Example, massive spoiler on the back on car that shouldnt be there, has no reason to be there other than to identify the driver as a king chav. Other example, crap paint job, stupid exhaust.
Do you think those chavs think they look cool after they have chavtomized there cars?
by Michael Bailey March 02, 2005
A ticker given by british police to drivers of vehicles who are unable to provide relavent documents at the road side. You have to provide your docuements such as driving license to a nominated police station within seven days.
Man, I was driving home last night and the cops busted me and gave me a "producer"
by Michael Bailey May 27, 2004
means to spend cash
I went out on friday night with 100 pounds in my pocket and I "waxed" the lot.
by Michael Bailey May 08, 2004

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