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An Audio Comment System for websites. It allows anyone with a microphone connected to their internet-enabled computer to click and leave a voice mail for the site owner.
Hey, be sure to leave me some voice mail using our mychingo audio comment system.
by Michael B July 05, 2006
Mobasoft is a pseudo-acronym comprised of these parts:

MO=abbreviation for Missouri

A Missouri Based Software company
Mobasoft, A Missouri Based Software company
by Michael B September 03, 2006
MobaTrax is a web traffic analysis system. By simply inserting a redirecting link in all of your hyper-text anchors (A HREF=) you are instantly able to monitor traffic flow coming into and leaving your site.
According to MobaTrax most of our traffic comes from these seven web sites. Our referrals to these three sites are pretty high.
by Michael B September 06, 2006
"chingo" is computer jargon for "Chat Lingo" as can be referenced here on the www.sharpened.net website
MyChingo Audio Comment System
by Michael B July 05, 2006
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