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4 definitions by Michael Angelo

An Artificial Intellegence created for the Xbox game HALO. Can be inserted into helmets or projected in the form of a female humanoid. Very smart, changes colors as she thinks or feels. Resembles mystique from X-Men.
"Here Chief, Take Cortana and get off this ship." -Captain Keyes
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004
The host of the reality show Survivor. Usually wears white cargo shirts and a blue button up T-shirt. His attire is usually soaked when he prematurely jumps off boats before they come to a complete stop at one of the survivors teams camps. Famous for sayings such as "survivors ready" or "The tribe has spoken"
Jeff Probst is cool
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004
1.A mythical ring of gold or light that floats a few inches over an Angels head. Can be seen in the cartoon DBZ.

2.A large Metal ring in space, spanning 10,000KM in diameter and 22.3 KM thick. Was constructed by Forerunners to house the parasitic plague called the Flood. SPins to generate gravity.
1.Hey, is that a Halo on your head?

2."Were all that's left.Halo,it's finished" -Cortana
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004
A stylish french hat, has frilly strands hanging over the brow.
Take that clitoris out of your mouth and put it on your head, stupid!
by Michael Angelo June 23, 2004