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Internet term. Verb. To invalidate your position in an online debate by making thinly veiled threats against the life or sexual dignity of your opponent's spouse or child.
A classic frisching: "If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to him what was done to your fellow Coloradan, Jon-Benet Ramsey, I wouldn’t give a damn."
by Michael Andreyakovich July 07, 2006
A style of humor in which actual humor content is irrelevant. Instead, the comedian makes cutting, witty remarks about a person, idea or movement to which both he and his audience are largely opposed, and the audience does not actually laugh, but instead applauds his wit. Clappy humor is only there to make a political point and to be clapped at; it is not supposed to be "funny" or joke-based, as mere jokes and laughter would be considered frivolous by both comedian and audience.
The Daily Show used to be hilarious, but then they got started with all the clappy humor, and it just hasn't been the same.
by Michael Andreyakovich November 23, 2007
The act of exciting oneself to orgasm by mental stimulation alone, without any actual physical stimulation whatsoever; thinking oneself into an orgasm.
I've known a few women who claimed to be capable of zensturbation, but I've never met a man who could do it.
by Michael Andreyakovich October 23, 2008

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