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3 definitions by Mice

What you yell when you wish folks to move out of the way. The origin is that you were carrying hot coffee and one should move out of the way if one does not wish to be burned. Frequently used even if there is nothing hot nor coffee involved.
"Hot Coffee! Coming through."
by mice August 17, 2005
84 34
Defines the pairing from Of Mice & Men, Alan Ashby and Austin Carlile
-Oh my god, did you read the fanfiction of Cashby I sent you?
-Like seriously? another? you really ship Cashby, don't you?
-Of course!
by Mice December 13, 2012
20 1
The process by which a female vocalist holding a microphone moves her fingers along the microphone so as to suggest the playing of a flute.
That American Idol girl is always playing the microflute.
by mice March 21, 2005
3 4