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2 definitions by MicahD

Home of the standard tard/ douche bag. Home to the worst cities in the nation- Sacramento, LA, Bakersfield, Stockton, Modesto, Yuba City, Marysville, Fresno, Berserkley, Fairfield, Vacavile, Davis- the list goes on. Spiked hair. Everyone drives Yukons with rims they cant afford. Think it is the center of attention while being the brunt of jokes. Full of racists, gangs, and shitty, ugly places- example Sacrmento. People who cant drive. People who are beyond rude.
I went to that ugly place they call California. On the way I toke a Sacrmento in Fresno.
by MicahD May 04, 2008
Hell on earth. Home to the biggest following of lesbian WNBA team, the Monarchs. Rather pride themselves on Cinco "gay" Mayo then July 4th. Rudest NBA fans. No Downtown.
I went to Sacramento to have the worst time of my life!
by MicahD May 04, 2008