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Also known as "雅主義, Miyabishugi" is an album produced by the Japanese musician Miyavi which was released on June 1st, 2005. Miyavizm or Miyavism may also be used to express a lifestyle state that resembles Miyavi's antics and hyperactive behavior; and/or otherwise being yourself, in a highly positive and happily exaggerated form such as Miyavi himself displays in many interviews and performances. Since this new use of the term 'Miyavizm' appeared, the musician Miyavi has been seen by some as an influence for individualism, creativity and self-expression among his fans.
That guy sure seems upbeat, I bet he's totally into Miyavizm." also "Her hair is totally insane! Miyavizm or what, amirite? Way to go, push the envelope of accepted social norms!
by Mibbit October 11, 2010

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